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Organizing Picture Books

Ah, picture books.

Most picture books have very thin spines, so reading the titles are impossible when they are just thrown on a shelf.  They slip and slide down, sometimes even falling off the shelf, causing a huge mess.  How can you remedy this?

My favorite solution is the folder box!  These boxes can be found in surplus during back-to-school sales at Staples, Office Max and Walmart.  If you need boxes mid-year, simply contact the manager and ask that they hold a few when the next shipment comes in.

Often, you can find fun designs on the outside of the box that match your classroom theme.  The following boxes were obtained by visiting over 5 different local Target stores-I love the wood grain look.  Simply print out genre or subject labels to put over the text on the box, and you’re ready to organize!

Fill your folder boxes with some of the thousands of picture books available at Sprout Classrooms. All books are fully leveled for both guided reading and grade level, and are priced at around $2 each! Shop now!