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Sprout Classrooms Welcomes You!

Posted in Uncategorized by sproutclassrooms on December 2, 2009

I can’t think of a single educator who doesn’t want to go green in their learning environment, but when is there time to even think about? Between writing lessons, grading papers, working with students, dealing with parents, participating in staff development, not to mention having a personal life-whew! You can hardly take a breath, let alone figure out how to make your classroom more eco-friendly.

Sprout Classrooms is here to help! We’ve already become the first organization to offer teachers recycled classroom materials for up to 90% off their ‘new’ price-saving money and the environment is a good thing! Helping to keep these awesome materials out of the landfills makes everyone feel good, so keep checking in with our online store, and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

Sprout is proud to present it’s new blog, ready to take your classroom to the next level of green. We can’t wait to bring you fabulous ideas on how to re-use, recycle and renew your classroom! All our ideas will be practical, cheap and –most importantly- easy on the earth. Model a conscious state of mind for your students, and you’ll be doing more than teaching them the basics-you’ll be planting seeds of responsibility into their hearts!

– The Sprout Team


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